2023 Festival Gallery

Participating authors in 2023 included Tom Parfitt, Soibhan Daniels, Felice Hardy, Arthur Snell, Tom Fort, Fergus Butler-Gallie, Rebecca Struthers, Martin Williams, Rupert Robson, Jennie Elias and Roger Morgan-Grenville.

2022 Festival Gallery

Participating authors in 2022 included Kate Hughes, Hannah Bourne-Taylor, Susanne Masters, Zoë Somerville, Roger Morgan-Grenville, Andrew Hunter Murray, Sally Page, Natasha Solomons, Kate Morgan, James Crowden, General Sir Richard Shirreff, Angela Findlay, Louise Hare, Barney Norris and Maddie Mortimer.

2020 Festival

Cancelled due to the Covid epidemic.

2021 Festival Gallery

Participating authors in 2021 included Fanny Charles, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Lucy Jago, Tom Bromley, Liv Matthews, Karen Hamilton, Keith Stuart, Andrew Lownie, Claire Fuller, Stephen Moss, Stephen Fabes and Robin Hanbury Tenison.

2019 Festival Gallery

Participating authors in 2019 included Catherine Bailey, Paul Hooley, Ruth Wilson, Julie Becket, Harriet Sandys, Keith Stuart, Nick Perry, Josie Goodbody, Clare Empson and Adrian Dangar.

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Helping at the Festival

Thank you to all our volunteers that help to keep our festival running smoothly. If you’re interested in volunteering for the festival, follow the link below for more information about what help we need and how you can get involved.

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