Andrew Hunter Murray in conversation with Louise Sturdy

The Sanctuary

Ben is a young painter from the crowded, turbulent city. For six months his fiancée Cara has been living on the remote island of Sanctuary Rock, the property of millionaire philanthropist Sir John Pemberley. Now she has decided to break off their engagement and stay there for good.

Ben resolves to travel to the island to win Cara back. But the journey there is a harsh and challenging one and, when he does arrive, a terrible shock awaits him. As Ben begins to find his way around Pemberley’s perfect island, he knows he must also discover what has made Cara so determined to throw her old life away? And is Sanctuary Rock truly a second Eden, as the mysterious Sir John claims or a prospect of Hell?

Andrew Hunter Murray is a writer and since 2008 he has been one of the team behind the BBC show QI. Andrew also writes jokes and journalism for Private Eye magazine and hosts the Eye’s in-house podcast. In his spare time, he performs in the award-winning comedy show Austentatious, which plays in London’s West End and around the UK. His first novel, ‘The Last Day’, was a Sunday Times bestseller and one of 2019’s 10 biggest fiction debuts. 


Date and Time

14 October 2022 at 2:00 pm


United Reformed Church, Mere

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£10.00 per person

Tickets for this talk will be available 11 August for Friends of the Festival, general sale will be available 18 August 2022.

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