General Sir Richard Shirreff, in Conversation with Brigadier Simon Levey

2017 The War with Russia

General Sir Richard Shirreff served in the British Army for 37 years, commanding soldiers on operations or in combat at every level from platoon to division before retiring from the Army as NATO’s Deputy Supreme Commander Europe.  His novel, ‘2017: War with Russia: an Urgent Warning from Senior Military Command’, published in 2016, is a fictional account predicting a Russian invasion of Ukraine followed by an attack on the Baltic States.  It has since become a best seller and been translated into eight languages.  

As the front cover states: ‘This book shows why war is now almost inevitable and how ‘the logic of war’ will probably drive our conflict of interest with Russia towards a bloody and appalling conclusion…President Putin has already demonstrated that he has no intention of failing. He has already started a lethal dynamic which, unless checked right now, could see him invade the Baltic States…’

General Sir Richard Shirreff is a regular contributor to a wide variety of news channels and has often spoken on ‘Panorama’ and Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme.  He will be discussing with Simon details of his book, the current situation in Ukraine, Russia and no doubt Present Putin.


Date and Time

12 October 2022 at 7:00 pm


United Reformed Church, Mere

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£12.50 per person

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