Roger Morgan-Grenville in conversation with Mike Drummond Smith

Across a Waking Land

Veteran nature writer Roger Morgan Grenville returns to Mere, where, as an avid conservationist, he will be talking about his 1,000-mile walk through a British spring.

Fed up with bleak headlines of biodiversity loss, acclaimed nature writer Roger Morgan-Grenville set out on a 1,000-mile walk through a British spring to discover if there are reasons to be hopeful about the natural world. His aim is to match the pace at which the oak leaves emerge, roughly 25 miles north each day.

Fighting illness, blizzards and his own ageing body, he visits every main habitat between Lymington and Cape Wrath in an epic eight-week adventure, where he encountered, over and over again, the kindness of strangers and the inspiring efforts of those fighting heroically for nature. With surprising conclusions throughout, what unfolds is both life-affirming and life-changing.

Across a Waking Land is a celebration of nature, a call to action, and above all, a boy’s own adventure.

It is an open-hearted, humble and gritty adventure with a deep love of nature at its heart. It takes courage to walk alone across the land, and it takes passionate curiosity to find out what lies behind the green fields of Britain. Roger Morgan-Grenville possesses these qualities, they shine through every page.


Date and Time

12 October 2023 at 4:15 pm


St Michael's Church, Mere

Ticket Prices

£10.00 per person

Tickets for this talk will be available 01 September for Friends of the Festival, general sale will be available 08 September 2023.

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