Poetry Competion for 2019

7th – 13th October 2019


The two events organised by PennyBank Writers for the Mere Literary Festival, Poetry in the Grove and the 2019 Competition Award Ceremony, attracted good audiences. Thanks go to all entrants, judges, helpers and to Amulet Residential of Mere for their sponsorship of this year’s Poetry Competition.


Whitesheet Academy

 1st. Brooke Wilmot      2nd.  Lani Wellington

Highly Commended:  Nathaniel Winter-White, Georgia Higgins, Albert Ransome

St. George’s Bourton  (2 groups)

 1st. Lillianna Sandy    Highly Commended:     Daisy Rodgers,  Barni Csicso, Arthur Robinson

 1st. William Toms     Highly Commended :     Amelia Coward,  Jasmine Burfitt

Mere Primary

 1st. Talia Jackson    2nd. Sonny Rich

Highly Commended:    Amelia  Dyson,  Tilly Hanson, Thomas Ashlin,   Edie Wilson

LOCAL SECTION   Open to those living within a ten mile radius of Mere

 1st.   Her 80th.Birthday …Bob Breach   East Melbury   ( Wins the Peter Gillott Award )

 2nd. The Crack in the Wall … Nicolette Gunn   Gillingham

 3rdThe Pond…..David Anley   Gillingham


1st. Someone Told Me……Louise Wilford, Elsecar,  Barnsley 

2nd. Inner Weather……Richard Hughes,   Llanmaes, S.Glam.

3rdHill Farm…………Sue Chadd,  Malmesbury

Runners-Up: –   E.T.A. Not Sure…Jane Williams, Wells 

                         Winter Kitchen…..Ian Royce Chamberlain. Teignmouth

                         Nightwatches…….Nicola Grove, Horningsham, Wilts.

POETRY IN THE GROVE    Chosen by audience vote after readings of shortlists.


1st. Nightwatches….Nocola Grove, Horningsham  

2nd. Fields of Memory….Betty Ingram, Mere

=3rdOld Flo…..Unity Sparrow, Shaftesbury.  The Crack in the Wall….Nicolette Gunn, Gillingham


1st. Nightwatches….Nicola Grove, Horningsham

2nd. Ultraviolet & Infrared…..Paul Hooley, Gillingham

3rd. Winter Kitchen….Ian Royce Chamberlain, Teignmouth

Supported by AMULET RESIDENTIAL of Mere

                                     Tailored Letting & Property Management

 www.amuletresidential.co.uk       amuletresidential @gmail.com     Tel: 01747 356176 or 07543 372755

                                        SENIOR JUDGE – Dr. Rosie Jackson

                     Award Winning Poet * Hawthornden Fellow * Lecturer

                                              Author of The Light Box


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